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Dillon RL550B

January 19th, Dillon RL550, Get ya some!!!

Live stream reloading workshops will be held most Saturdays at 5:00 PM mountain time. If you want to learn more about guns and ammo, bullet casting, knives and have good morally clean fellowship my live streams are the place to be. No questions are too dumb to ask and I believe that a good man should never look back on someone unless he is looking back to help them up. I hope you join in and look forward to meeting you. God bless. Highboy

"I never look down on another man unless I am looking back to help him up." Shared with me by my good friend Robin Sharpless.



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Join me on my journey through the Bible. I will be live streaming most evenings except Saturday nights covering one chapter at a time. If God blesses me through this I will start in Genesis and end in Revelation. Saturday night is the one evening in the week where I will be having my live stream reloading workshops. I am not a Bible scholar, instead I am doing what God expects of me. I am a sinner who was saved by the Grace of God through Christ that is simple sharing God's word through faith. Please pray that God would be glorified through this and I hope to see you somewhere along the way. Highboy